you don’t “beat” depression. you don’t “defeat” eating disorders. you survive them. stop making severe mental illnesses sound like something you can overcome just by throwing the right punch.


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Frida Kahlo 1920 - 2014

This is not the first thing I should see when I go on the Friday Kahlo tag
Frida Kahlo was one of the strongest most influential women to ever exist in Mexico and the world as a whole
How dare you
How fucking dare you
You do not take one of my few latina feminist role models and taint her with your patriarchal western society view of beauty
Fuck you
As a Mexican female who is hoping to make an impact on the world through the arts, finding such a strong feminist role model who I can connect to because of cultural backgrounds is hard enough to find
How dare you do this shit


In the mail today: New Camellia chiffon bolero from Magic Cat Street in Milk Tea! 

I’ve managed to take pictures of the details and put together some quick coords before it got too dark.  

Left: Peppermint Fox’s Crowning Glory Dress

Right: Mary Magdalene’s Carlotta OP

Shamelessly promoting my friend: MagiCat Street will be at Sydney’s Smash Artist Alley (Table 60), and next to them there will be cool people like Peppermint Fox (Table 62)! Please drop by and support them~ 

↳Noodle through phase 1, 2 and 3

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